Sports centre plans to go ahead

Wed 28 October 2015, 4:47 pm

The deputy mayor has given the green light to Queens Park Rangers (QPR) football club for its plans to redevelop Warren Farm Sports Centre, after the councilís decision to grant approval for the scheme raised controversy with environmental campaigners.

The local authority approved an application earlier this month (October) to redevelop Warren Farm Sports Centre on Windmill Lane. The project will provide a two-storey sports pavilion, football and cricket pitches, an artificial pitch and changing rooms, all of which will be available for use by the public.

A number of councillors raised concerns about the development encroaching on Metropolitan Open Land surrounding the site and similar fears have been raised about the scheme by environmental campaigners, Save Warren Farm. 

Solicitor and campaign member, Rheian Davies, told Get West London that the project would “remove a breeding ground for little owls and, most astonishingly of all, allow the dumping of thousands of tonnes of landfill on this community green space”.

However, the mayor of London’s deputy, Sir Edward Lister, said the council’s decision should stand and those who support the scheme have said it will bring sport and leisure benefits to the community. 

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