Business partnership names independent chair

Thu 6 December 2012, 11:32 am

Ealing Business Partnership has elected Peter Smith as its first independent chair.

Smith, with 40 years’ experience in high-street investment, is now tasked with advising Ealing Council on how its business plans and expenditure proposals will affect local firms.

The partnership’s current work is focused on neighbourhood planning and raising occupancy rates for business premises in the borough. It is also set to look at the implications of Crossrail, and the hubs of economic activity that are likely to be generated by the east-west trans-capital rail link.

Smith, who was elected to his new role at a recent meeting, said he wanted to engage with all businesses in the borough.

“I am particularly keen to ensure the needs and aspirations of small- and medium-sized enterprises from across the borough are addressed,” he said. “Along with our main retailers, SMEs are the economic lifeblood of our town centres and high streets, and it’s important we reach out to them.”

Ealing Council leader Julian Bell said Smith had taken the helm of the partnership at an exciting time.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Ealing Business Partnership to make our borough a better and more attractive place for many different and diverse types of businesses,” he said.

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