Commission releases housing report

Mon 28 May 2012, 9:05 am

Ealing Councilís housing commission has released its final report, which recommends that the council maintains its commitment to social rented housing.

The commission was launched in March 2011 to help identify the borough’s housing goals, has produced its final report and recommendations.

Its final report also advocates providing employment and training advice as a core element of Ealing’s social tenancies.

Commission member, and chief executive of housing association L&Q, David Montague, said: “Ealing has a clear housing vision and realises that a successful housing policy is one that supports employment and diverse communities, mixed by income, tenure and ethnicity. 

“Our challenge has been to identify ways for Ealing to achieve this vision, whilst simultaneously responding to a rapidly changing policy and funding environment.”

The report also recommends that the council uses new Housing Revenue Account (HRA) freedoms to directly provide housing for private rental or sale, and so generate a cross-subsidy for providing social rented homes. 

Ealing could now sell some of its one-bed properties and use the receipts to increase the provision of family homes at social rents, either through its own new build programme, or by providing extra subsidy to housing associations.

The council’s executive director of regeneration and housing, Pat Hayes said: “Local authorities now need to play a lead role in housing, and crucially must do so in a way that fully involves their local communities and works in partnership with the private sector to achieve the best outcomes.”

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