Council directors cycle to property conference

Tue 6 March 2012, 5:04 pm

Two directors from Ealing Council have saved the council the cost of a return plane journey to the south of France by cycling instead.

Pat Hayes, executive director of regeneration and housing, and Brendon Walsh, director of property and regeneration, are part of an 80-strong Cycle2Cannes charity bicycle ride to MIPIM.

The riders set off on the gruelling 1,500km ride from the Sitematch London event at City Hall, headquarters of the Greater London Authority.

Walsh said, at a rest point close to Mont Ventoux: “The rain was definitely a low point but the highs are yet to come. Today we descend through a stunning gorge and tomorrow we arrive at the MIPIM conference."

"It's critical for the council to be there as developers can choose where to invest and we want them to choose Ealing. We can only persuade them if we're talking to them.

"Unfortunately for London a lot of councils can't or won't invest in MIPIM: to give them a taste of the opportunity we created a stripped-down 'austerity MIPIM' called Sitematch London where 28 councils held 486 15-minute meetings with 112 developers.

“It was a real success and we hope it persuades other councils of the need to attend events like Sitematch London and MIPIM to engage with investors and developers." 

Ealing Council is exhibiting at MIPIM in the London Pavilion.

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